MT Physio Clinic | The key to Rehab is ‘consistency’
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The key to Rehab is ‘consistency’

I put this message across all the time to my patients. I say it in most of my consultations. I bore myself with it in fact but it’s only because it’s so important! The importance of being consistent with rehabilitation programmes cannot be underestimated. It can take a weak muscle up to 6-8 weeks to respond to a rehab programme. So if you start your programme with vigour and enthusiasm, doing your exercises diligently daily but then slow down and bail by week 3 or even 4, is it any wonder that you’re not getting the results that you should be? It’s fine to miss the odd session. Don’t worry. What will happen if you miss a single session here and there? Absolutely nothing. But if you keep missing sessions, you wont build the strength, load the tendon, activate the joint etc in order to overcome the original dysfunction.

So stop mucking about and get your rehab done consistently!